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Car leasing may be a good option for those individuals or companies that want to have a new car but want to save some of the money it costs in full car ownership. Car leasing is a way to rent a car over a specified period of time. The car is not owned by the person or company leasing it at any point and at the end of the lease, the car is returned to the dealership or the car leasing company.

There is a deposit associated with car leasing. This initial deposit is typically non-refundable and is simply a way for the leasing company to protect itself. After the initial deposit, the person or company leasing the car will pay a monthly amount that has been agreed upon by both the individual and the car leasing company. The term of the lease is usually approximately two or three years however, it is possible to lease a car for a year or even less.

Leasing a car is not the same as taking out a car loan. The largest payment that is required is the initial deposit and that is usually only about one, two or three months total of the monthly lease payments. This allows the person or company leasing to keep their money in a high-interest bank account and to simply make the lease payments as part of their monthly living expenses. This can be especially useful to companies that want to lease a company vehicle. They can then take the payments out of operational expenses rather than out of capital expenses.

Because the lease will usually be less than three years, the car will always be covered under warranty and it will not require an MOT. This means that the person or company leasing the car will not need to worry about major repairs. The only things the person leasing the car needs to worry about are routine services such as oil changes and consumable items such as tires. These items are not usually a great expense during the first three years.

Another benefit to car leasing is that a person or company may change their cars every few years. This is beneficial for many reasons. The first reason is that the individual or company will not need to worry about their car breaking down all the time as it gets older and becoming more of a burden rather than an asset. Another benefit to leasing is that the individual or company will get a new car every two or three years.

Changing cars every few years is made so simple by car leasing. It is not necessary to try and sell the car before another car is obtained. Instead, one car is simply given back to the leasing company in exchange for a different car. It can be lots of fun to try out different cars all the time and will save the hassle of major repairs and grief.

There are so many advantages to car leasing itís easy to see why it is becoming so popular. An individual or company can save a lot of money and hassle by simply leasing a car instead of buying it outright.

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