Dare to Dream

Did you know that research suggests the lack of a person’s ability to dream can produce madness? In some studies, the research actually had to be stopped out of a concern that participants might develop irreversible psychological damage if they were kept from dreaming any longer.

Dreams are not unlike visions. Having vision means you are able to picture something in your mind. It can be something as simple as seeing yourself at the movies, or as significant as seeing yourself as the owner of your own dealership

The idea of being a visionary isn’t new. In fact, one ancient text says, “Without a Vision, the people will perish.”

Every successful person has a vision. In order to be successful in any career, you must allow your visions to flow freely.

When ideas, hopes, or desires come to mind, write them down and set aside some time each day to dwell on them. 

As you do, they become clearer, and plans to make them happen will emerge.

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