Email Marketing for Car Dealerships: Driving Sales and Building Relationships

Email marketing is an essential tool for car dealerships to reach potential customers and build relationships with current ones. With the increasing popularity of online shopping and the ongoing pandemic, email marketing has become more important than ever before. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of email marketing for car dealerships and provide tips on how to create effective email campaigns that can help you outrank your competition.

Building Your Email List

Before you can start sending emails, you need to build a list of subscribers. There are several ways to do this, including:

  1. In-Person Sign-Ups: You can collect email addresses from visitors to your dealership by having a sign-up sheet at the front desk or in the service department.
  2. Online Sign-Ups: You can also collect email addresses on your website by offering a newsletter or special promotions to those who sign up.
  3. Purchased Lists: While this is not recommended, you can purchase email lists from third-party providers. However, keep in mind that these lists may not be targeted and can result in a low engagement rate.

It is important to ensure that your subscribers have opted in to receive your emails and that you are complying with all laws and regulations regarding email marketing.

Creating Engaging Content

Once you have built your email list, it’s time to create content that will engage your subscribers. Your emails should be informative, and entertaining, and provide value to your audience. Here are some ideas for email content:

  1. Promotions and Discounts: Offer exclusive promotions and discounts to your email subscribers to incentivize them to visit your dealership.
  2. New Vehicle Launches: Keep your subscribers up-to-date on the latest vehicles available at your dealership.
  3. Service Reminders: Send reminders to your customers for regular service appointments, such as oil changes or tire rotations.
  4. Customer Testimonials: Share success stories and positive feedback from your customers to build trust and credibility.
  5. Educational Content: Provide educational content, such as maintenance tips or safety information, to demonstrate your expertise and position your dealership as a trusted source of information.

Designing Your Emails

In addition to creating engaging content, it is important to design your emails in a way that is visually appealing and easy to read. Here are some tips for email design:

  1. Use a Mobile-Friendly Template: A majority of people read emails on their mobile devices, so it’s important to use a template that is optimized for mobile.
  2. Keep it Simple: Don’t overload your emails with too much information or too many images. Keep it simple and focused.
  3. Use Eye-Catching Graphics: Use high-quality graphics and images that are relevant to your content to make your emails more visually appealing.
  4. Use Clear Call-to-Actions: Make it easy for your subscribers to take action by using clear and prominent call-to-actions.
  5. Test and Measure: Test different email designs and layouts to see what works best for your audience. Use analytics to measure engagement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Best Practices for Email Marketing

To ensure that your email campaigns are effective, it is important to follow best practices for email marketing. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Personalize Your Emails: Use your subscribers’ names and personalize your content to make your emails more relevant and engaging.

Segment Your List: Segment your email list based on demographics, interests, and behavior to send targeted and relevant content to your subscribers.

Test and Optimize: Test different subject lines, email designs, and content to optimize your email campaigns for maximum engagement.

Comply with Regulations: Comply with all laws and regulations regarding email marketing, such as the CAN-SPAM Act.

Provide Value: Always provide value to your subscribers by offering helpful information, promotions, and discounts.

Consistency: Send emails regularly to stay top-of-mind with your subscribers, but be careful not to overload them with too many emails.

Build Relationships: Use email marketing as an opportunity to build relationships with your subscribers. Respond to inquiries and feedback, and use email surveys to gather feedback and improve your services.


Email marketing can be a powerful tool for car dealerships to drive sales and build relationships with their customers. By following best practices and creating engaging content, you can increase your email engagement and build a loyal customer base. Remember to build your email list through opt-ins and targeted efforts, create valuable and engaging content, and design visually appealing emails that are easy to read and mobile-friendly. With a little effort and strategy, email marketing can help you outrank your competition and grow your business.

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