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Ford Motor Company History

Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16 in the year 1903. This company is based in the United States of America and it is one of the largest in the country. The company is the fifth-largest in the world considering the number of sales and asset bases all over the globe. In the world, investors prefer this auto company because it remains the most profitable and the products are affordable. Many auto companies could not survive the harsh economic conditions associated with the period of the Great Depression. This is one of the companies that survived that economic onslaught in the world.

This company is family-oriented and it remains the largest family-controlled business in the world today. For one hundred and ten years of its existence, this company has always been managed by the family. Today Ford Motor Company has introduced some great products. These include products from the parent company and the products from those companies they have interests in. One of the companies they acquired is Lincoln. There was a time this company was the proud owner of five auto companies that include Mercury, Aston Martin, Jaguar as well as Volvo, and Land Rover. With time these popular brands became properties of other companies because they were sold to these companies. Brand such as Mercury was however discontinued.

Overview of Auto Production

The auto production by the company can be dated back to 1896 and it started with a quadricycle. This product was used then in Detroit. The place is still in existence and several other Ford products are still existing within the premises where the company produced the ever four wheels moving vehicle. Ford company turned into an auto manufacturing company in the year 1899. The company was subsequently into auto production outfit in the year1901. This was the time the name was given as Henry Ford Company. Family ownership of the company has lasted for a long time, and there was time other investors contributed greater money. This does not lead to a change of the name Ford.

When the company needs money, Ford looked for another financier of the company. Within a short time, he got another financier by the name of Alexander Y. Malcomson. He was a coal dealer and he agreed to finance the company and he has nine hundred dollars for that project.

Ford and the financier decided to enter into a partnership. The two worked together and they designed the first-ever car produced by the company. There was the need to get other investors to incorporate it. The founders have to work hard and convince other investors to become part of the enterprise. They were able to convince other people to join the business and the company was incorporated and that was in the year 1903. It can be argued that the company was actually created in the year 1903. Other investors collectively owned 49 percent of the shares of the company while ford and his friend called Malcomson owned 51 percent of the shares and these were the controlling shares of that company.

In the early years of its inception, Ford Motor Company has been making profits. Because of internal wrangling, and the death of some of the financiers, Henry Ford bought off shares of some of the financiers and eventually found himself to the top management of the company as the President.

The company has been selling automobiles right from the year 1903. Commercial vehicles were sold under the name of the brand Ford while luxury cars manufactured at that time were sold on the Lincoln brand. Ford’s company ownership includes the Brazilian SUV as well as Troller which the company manufactures. They also have up to eight percent share of Aston Martin which is an auto company based in the UK. Besides, Ford has a 32 percent state in another company which is known as Jiangling Motors. The foreign investment included its joint venture ownership or agreement in China over another auto company that is known as Changan Ford. There is also the Taiwan-based Ford Lio Ho as well as Auto Alliance Thailand. In Turkey Ford invested in another company that is known as Ford Otosan as well as Ford Sollers in Russia. Since then, the company has been under the control of the Ford family and over the decades the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The family controls the majority voting power but has the minority of ownership.

Large Scale Auto Production

Ford Motor Company has to grow with other companies. The company embarked on large-scale manufacturing of cars as well as large-scale auto management. They come up with their assembly lines and that is why they can introduce different auto models. The phenomenon known as Fordism has dominated the market for a long time. this is because of the line of products which has dominated the rest of the world.

Position of Ford Motor Company in the auto market

Ford Motor Company is the second-largest US auto-based company. It is second to General Motors in America. In the world, the company is the fifth-largest. This means that it is behind other companies like Volkswagen, Toyota as well as Hyundai-Kia as well as General Motors. In the continent of Europe, Ford was the fifth largest automaker. Because of the profitability of the company, they went public in the year 1956 but the ownership is largely controlled by the family this is through the Class B shares which is a special share. It makes the family retain forty percent voting rights of the company. When the financial crisis confronted the rest of the world at the beginning of the 21st century, the financial crisis affected the company and they have to depend on the government to survive. Ford and other auto manufacturing companies such as General Motors and Chrysler LLC were bailed by the government and the country has 13.4 billion dollars to revive its business. The company has continued to do well since then and they have remained the 11th most successful company in the world in the year 2018.

Ford Motor Company has continued to produce quality cars and in the year 2008, this company has added about 5.532 million vehicles to the market and they have employed up to 213,000 workers in all its 90 facilities and plants across the globe.

Ford Motor Company Various Auto Models

Recall that Ford established its assembly line around the year 1913. Since then, the company has been producing different kinds of models. When they started production in the year 1903 to 1908, the company was involved in the manufacture of various motor models like Models A, B, C, F, K, N, R as well as model S. These were sold in different numbers ranging from hundreds and thousands yearly. The situation changed in the year 1908 when the Model T was mass-produced. Millions of this brand were sold across the world for two centuries. Twenty years of its existence the company has replaced the Model T with another model known as Model A. This one was remarkable because it was the first car that featured safety glass in the windshield. To make cars affordable to consumers, the company introduced another model known as the V8 engine and that was in the year 1932.

The company has produced other models to enable it to compete with other leading brands in the world such as Pontiac which was manufactured by General Motors. In response, the company introduced the high-end Mercury which was a high-end car that can compete with other models. The company further acquired another company known as Lincoln Motors and the aim was to compete with others in the year 1922. The aim was to have a competitor to Packard and Cadillac. These are luxury cars.

It is on record that the company took its business to other parts of the world. In the case of Russia, the company was invited by the government to establish itself in the country, and based on that, the Gorky Automobile Plant was set up in Russia. The company started here with the Ford Model A as well as AAs. There is no doubt that this company played a major role in the industrialization of that era.

Ford Motor Company has continued to manufacture different auto models in different parts of the world. The company made a breakthrough invention when in the year 1964 its Research Labs invented another great model which is the SQUID brand. This is a superconducting quantum interference device.  The company has continued to innovate its products in different countries they have their plants.

Ford Motor Company continued with its innovations. In the year 1964 on April 17, the company introduced another auto model which is called Ford Mustang and this was displayed during the New York World Trade Fair. In the year 1965, the company came forward with the seat belt reminder light. During the 1980s, the company has introduced several successful cars around the globe. In the same period, they introduced their advertising techniques to let people know that they have introduced great brands in the market.

The growth trend continued in the 1990s. in the years 1990 and 1994, Ford acquired two more auto company which include the Jaguar cars as well as the Aston Martin. During the time the American economy was booming in the 1990s, Ford continued to introduce great models to the market.

New models from Ford Motor Company

The company has introduced different car models at various prices. Some of the models introduced by ford that dominates the auto market include the following Ford EcoSport. This is meant to be a more environmentally friendly product but it is not the most expensive of this brand in the market. Another popular brand from this company is the Ford Edge. It is costlier than the EcoSport and it was popularly demanded. Ford Escape is also another modern product from the company. It is more expensive than the first one mentioned. Another model of the same category is the Ford Expedition. This is more expensive than all the models discussed so far. The most expensive of that model is the Expedition Max.

The company has also introduced series of F models in the market. Some of the notable models are F-150 as well as F 250 and the F 350. 350 is more expensive than the previous two. The other great models from the company that is worth mentioning include the Ford Fusion as well as Ford Mustang and Ford Ranger brands. These are some of the great models from the company.

Talking of electric cars, Ford Motor Company has it in one of its F series. Ford F 150 Lightning Pro is an electric truck. This is a durable product because it can compare with other great products from other companies which include Tesla electric car, as well as those products from general motors and lord’s town company, and even Rivan. There are different versions of this electric truck in the market.

Ford Motor Company is always interested in producing great brands that satisfy the needs of its customers from around the world. The company invested a lot in terms of development. This company also tends to diversify its products to meet new brands from its competitors. They invested a lot in research and development and that is why they know the need of their customers before the product. The cost-effective method of production is to ensure that their costs are not beyond the reach of an average user. Even at the maximum cost of its products, they tend to produce to the need of their customers. They produce to the satisfaction of their customers in Hongkong, India, China, and so on.

One of the strategies that made them survive is the policy of diversification. As the economy changes, they diversify to meet the demands of the market. In the same way, they diversify to satisfy their various consumers and they level up with their competitors. They use smart technologies to reduce environmental pollution.


Ford Motor Company is the leading motor manufacturing company in the world today. They are involved in globalization operation and that is why they made cars for the satisfaction of their customers from all parts of the world. The company is highly profitable and it competes with others favorably.

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