Google Merchant Center Next

Google Merchant Center Next will soon support rules and supplemental feeds, providing a path for advertisers who migrated from the previous version and want to restore those features. The simplified version of Merchant Center, GMC Next, was unveiled in May. Advertisers who haven’t transitioned to GMC Next but want access to the rules and feeds should refrain from upgrading. However, those who have already migrated and need these tools can revert to classic mode. Switching back to classic mode will allow access to rules and supplemental feeds, but it’s important to note that there may be a potential loss of previously added business details and in-store product details.

Google Merchant Center Next


Google Merchant Center Next, a simplified version of Merchant Center, was unveiled in May. It will soon support rules and supplemental feeds, making it a more comprehensive platform for advertisers. This article will explore the features of GMC Next, the transition process from Google Merchant Center, and considerations for switching between the two platforms.

Features of Google Merchant Center Next

GMC Next offers several key features that enhance the advertising experience for merchants. These features include advanced rules and supplemental feeds, which allow advertisers to optimize their Google Shopping ads. The platform also integrates seamlessly with other Google tools, providing a cohesive advertising solution for businesses.

Transition from Google Merchant Center to GMC Next

As GMC Next is an upgrade to Google Merchant Center, advertisers on the older platform may be wondering about the transition process. Reasons for transitioning to GMC Next include accessing the new features and taking advantage of the improved functionality. The timeline for the transition will be early next year, and existing advertisers on Google Merchant Center will need to migrate to GMC Next to access the new features.

Migrating to GMC Next

Migrating from Google Merchant Center to GMC Next is a straightforward process. Advertisers need to follow a few steps to ensure a smooth transition. The benefits of migrating to GMC Next include gaining access to advanced rules and supplemental feeds, which can significantly enhance the performance of Google Shopping ads. However, there may also be some challenges in migrating to GMC Next, which will be discussed in this section. To illustrate the success of migrating to GMC Next, the article will also include success stories from advertisers who have already made the transition.

Accessing rules and supplemental feeds in GMC Next

In GMC Next, advertisers have the ability to create and manage rules, as well as optimize supplemental feeds. Rules are a powerful tool for optimizing Google Shopping ads, allowing advertisers to set specific criteria for their product listings. Supplemental feeds, on the other hand, provide additional information about products, helping to improve visibility and relevance. This section will provide a detailed overview of how to use rules and supplemental feeds in GMC Next, as well as highlight the benefits of using these features.

Reverting to classic mode

In the event that advertisers on GMC Next need access to the classic Merchant Center features, they have the option to revert to classic mode. Reverting to classic mode will allow them to retrieve their previously added business details and in-store product details. This section will provide step-by-step instructions on how to revert to classic mode and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Switching back to GMC Next

If advertisers decide to switch back to GMC Next from classic mode, there are certain restrictions and considerations to keep in mind. This section will outline the restrictions on switching back to GMC Next, as well as provide a timeline for when the option to switch back will be available. It will also discuss the considerations that advertisers should take into account before making the switch, such as potential data loss and the impact on their advertising campaigns.

Considerations before switching back to classic mode

Before switching back to classic mode, advertisers need to be aware of the potential consequences. This section will highlight the loss of previously added business details and in-store product details that may occur when switching back. It will also provide steps to minimize the impact when switching back to classic mode, such as backing up data and reviewing the changes that will occur.

No return to GMC Next

Once advertisers switch back to the classic Merchant Center, they will not have the option to return to GMC Next until the classic experience is retired next year. This section will emphasize that the decision to switch back is permanent and should be carefully considered.

Additional resources

To further assist advertisers in understanding and using GMC Next, this section will provide additional resources. These resources may include Google Ads Liaison officer Ginny Marvin’s announcement on Twitter, related articles and guides, and support and assistance from Google. By providing these resources, advertisers can access further information and support to optimize their use of GMC Next.

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