Inspect Your Front Line Every Day

You spend thousands each month to get customers to come to your dealership, and when they get there, one of the first things they see is your front-line inventory. So it’s important that your front-line display represent a certain image for quality and value. 

Here’s a challenge: Walk your front line today and ask yourself these questions: 

  • Are the vehicles clean or are they dirty?
  • Are price stickers or window paint fresh and clearly visible? – Or are they faded or even missing?
  • Are all window stickers and labels attached properly and in good condition? Or are they peeling off, torn, and inaccurate?
  • Are the tires full or air? Or are some flat?

I am sure you can think of other things to look for. 

In the same way that customers often base honesty and sincerity on first impressions, they also base how they feel about the quality and value of your vehicles on what they see. Inspecting your front line daily will help you control the customers’ first impression.

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