Lead Scoring

Lead ScoringLead scoring is an objective ranking to identify where each potential customer is in the buying process.

The process of defining lead scores improves alignment and collaboration between marketing and sales teams. After all, by jointly establishing an objective definition of a quality lead, sales and marketing can exchange better feedback on the quality of leads being passed to sales. Plus, lead scoring helps ensure that the best leads are followed up on immediately by prioritizing leads according to revenue potential and buyer readiness.

Lead scoring based on implicit buying signs such as form submissions, page views for particular makes and models or email opens, allows you to evaluate a specific lead’s level of potential purchase before assigning them to a salesperson at the dealership.

Lead scoring software can streamline your sales cycle and ensure that your leads are better qualified and properly nurtured before they ever reach the sales department. Easily create a lead scoring model to best match your unique criteria of prospects.

Lead scoring is a process of assigning points to leads based on their potential to generate revenue. Those with the highest scores are given more attention and priority in order to convert them into customers. A SaaS company called HubSpot, for example, has recently implemented this strategy.

They created an algorithm that automatically sends out personalized emails to its customers. The emails are segmented into two categories: “People Like You” and “People Who Are Already Buying.” By using email segmentation, they can send out emails to different groups of customers. They can also send out emails with discounts, special offers, and other types of targeted information to those customers.