Benefits of Having a Coach

Business CoachA coach is an important person who helps others to achieve a specific goal. Coaches can be found on sports team, business teams, organizations, plus so many other places. Coaches are used to add motivation to an individual or group of individuals and ensure their growth in a specific area in which they are training. Coaches are an important part of life and help to bring a team to new heights.

One of the greatest benefits of having a coach is achieving superior results in a lot less amount of time than if you tried to achieve the same results on your own. This is because coaches provide a smart and more effective plan of action while adding a spike of momentum during the action.

Shawn Ryder and our team design and deliver powerful workshop and retail implementation products that measurably change the behaviours and performance of auto manufacturer, distributor and retail dealership personnel. The training we deliver rings true with participants because of our automotive background. We recognize the challenges they face and bring a no-excuses approach to the development of careeroriented retail dealership performers.

Subsequently, our keynote presentations and regular field visits assure continued reinforcement of the behaviours. Our associates have conducted retail training and performance improvement interventions for Mazda, Volvo, Ford, Lincoln and other dealerships in North America and abroad using a variety of delivery channels – Web, workshop and in-dealership implementation.

Our team will provide the necessary knowledge and skills, supported by an unmatched track record of success, to drive measurable improvement for your retail locations. Manufacturers frequently hire us to train their Field Teams on how to assess, coach, implement and sustain these processes.

We will generate specific recommendations that address all of the opportunities to increase the sale of parts products including those recommendations that are based not only on weaknesses, but also on strengths.

Together, we will work to:

  1. Determine overall retail opportunities to target improvements.
  2. Utilize key products such as brakes, batteries and tires.
  3. Create learning that will be interactive, engaging and enjoyable!
  4. Successfully engage Dealers and Fixed Operations Managers through Interactive Activities.
  5. Provide the necessary ongoing coaching, mentoring and feedback during the coaching sessions – including Walk-Around, Appointment Setting and Process driven training.
  6. Plan the evaluation of training and experiences, as well as provide administrative support.


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