Meta to Launch Threads in the EU within Weeks

Meta is set to launch Threads in the EU within weeks, according to recent reports. This announcement comes after several major advertisers, including Disney, Paramount, and Sony Pictures, boycotted the platform due to its owner, Elon Musk, endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory. Although Threads currently doesn’t display ads, brands can still grow their audiences through influencer partnerships. With Meta’s plans to roll out Threads in the EU, it opens the potential for an additional 40 million monthly active users, which could further propel the platform’s growth.

Meta to Launch Threads in the EU within Weeks

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is reportedly planning to launch its messaging app Threads in the European Union (EU) within the next few weeks. This move comes after Threads’ biggest advertisers, including Disney, Paramount, and Sony Pictures, boycotted the platform due to concerns over content moderation and the endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory by Elon Musk, the owner of Meta. Despite not currently serving ads, Threads has been growing its audience through influencer partnerships, and the launch in the EU is expected to significantly impact the app’s overall revenue when ads are eventually introduced.

Why Launching Threads in the EU is Significant

Threads’ Biggest Advertisers Boycott the Platform

Following Elon Musk’s endorsement of an antisemitic conspiracy theory, major advertisers on Threads, such as Disney, Paramount, and Sony Pictures, decided to boycott the platform. This move highlighted concerns over content moderation and the potential association with harmful ideologies. By launching Threads in the EU, Meta aims to address these concerns and regain the trust of its advertisers.

Influencer Partnerships as a Growth Strategy

While Threads has not yet introduced ads on its platform, it has been growing its audience through influencer partnerships. Brands have been able to reach users on Threads by collaborating with influencers who have a significant following on the app. This growth strategy has allowed Threads to attract new users and build a strong user base, laying the foundation for future monetization through advertising.

Anticipated Impact of Ads on Threads’ Revenue

Ads are yet to be implemented on Threads, but when they are introduced, they are expected to serve as a significant contributor to the app’s overall revenue. As Threads continues to grow its user base and attract advertisers, the introduction of targeted ads will provide an additional revenue stream for Meta. With the potential for a large EU user base, the launch of Threads in the EU is a crucial step towards enhancing revenue generation.

EU Regulation Difficulties

The Reason for Delay in Launching Threads in the EU

Threads was not initially rolled out to EU countries during its global launch in July due to the strict privacy regulations enforced by the EU. Meta needed to modify the product to comply with these regulations, ensuring that users can use the app without having to create a profile. While a profile is required for publishing posts, Meta’s modification enables users to use Threads while still maintaining their privacy.

Meta’s Modification to Comply with Privacy Regulations

To comply with the EU’s privacy regulations, Meta made crucial modifications to Threads. Users can now use the app without creating a profile, preserving their privacy rights and ensuring compliance with EU regulations. This modification was necessary to launch Threads in the EU and tap into the European market’s potential.

Threads Profile Deletion Feature

In response to user feedback and privacy concerns, Threads now allows users to delete their profiles without deleting their associated Instagram accounts. This feature provides users with more control over their data and gives them the option to remove their presence from the Threads app while still maintaining their Instagram accounts. The introduction of this profile deletion feature demonstrates Meta’s commitment to prioritizing user privacy and addressing user concerns.

Threads’ Audience and User Growth

Threads currently boasts nearly 200 million monthly active users, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. This substantial user base has the potential to expand even further, with predictions suggesting that Threads could gain up to 40 million additional monthly active users through its launch in EU countries. The growth in Threads’ audience and user base reinforces its position as a valuable platform for both users and advertisers.

Deep Dive into Threads

For a comprehensive understanding of Threads and its functionalities, refer to our Threads FAQ guide. This guide provides in-depth information on how the platform works, its benefits for marketers, and the potential for organic traffic. Whether you are a user or an advertiser, this guide will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate Threads and maximize its potential.

In conclusion, Meta’s decision to launch Threads in the EU within the next few weeks is significant for several reasons. It addresses concerns raised by the platform’s biggest advertisers, allows for continued growth through influencer partnerships, and sets the stage for future revenue generation through targeted advertisements. Despite facing regulatory difficulties, Meta has modified Threads to comply with EU privacy regulations, ensuring user privacy while opening up a new market for the app. By expanding its user base and offering new features like the profile deletion option, Threads is solidifying its position as a leading messaging app. Stay tuned for the launch of Threads in the EU, and make sure to explore our Threads FAQ guide to make the most of this exciting platform.

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