Car Sales

How To Tell You Need New Tires

Look at almost any new car or SUV on the market today and you’ll find advanced safety features devoted to preventing accidents. Technology has come a long way since the invention of the automobile, but too many folks are neglecting … Read More

Carvana Had A Not So Great, Very Terrible First Quarter

Despite a booming used car market, Carvana hasn’t been doing so well lately. The company posted a larger-than-expected loss on first-quarter earnings today, MarketWatch reports, and it’s all attributed to the fact that economic recovery after Covid-19 has left the … Read More

Vacation Plans Put On Hold Because Of Gas Prices

Good morning fellas, and happy Thursday! Do you feel that? That’s the feeling of it nearly being the weekend. It’s a beautiful thing. I hope you’ve got some plans, because the weather is looking noice for some outdoor activities right … Read More

I Regret To Report That Elon Musk Is Even Richer

It’s earnings season and Tesla did well, so did Hyundai and AutoNation, and Lincoln has an interesting new concept. All that and more in The Morning Shift for April 21, 2022. Read more… Source: Jalopnik

Nikita Mazepin Should Keep Talking

Nikita Mazepin has been talking a lot lately, like giving an interview to the BBC a couple of weeks to talk about cancel culture. More recently, he gave an interview to CNN in which he decried Formula 1's “values.” Read … Read More

Who Should Write The Soundtrack To Your Car?

Last year, BMW hired Hans Zimmer to develop a soundtrack for electrified M cars. Now, with the release of the new 7 Series, that sound will finally make its way to an actual production vehicle. But for those of us … Read More