How to Obtain Better Gas Mileage

During the early years, ten dollars per barrel was just the price of oil, but nowadays, it has reached a staggering price that makes ten dollars per barrel prehistoric in proportion.

What Can We Do?

Everybody has heard the news, (if really it’s considered news at all), that gasoline price is continually increasing, which brings us to the question: “Can we do something to prevent gas price hike?”

The world can’t do much to control the gas price increase. But being frugal and wise in consuming gas could help. Gas conservation not only safeguards our environmental resources, it will also keep our almost-empty pockets filled with few silver coins.

There are various ways that one may employ to help alleviate the discomfort that the increase in gas prices brings.

The least that one can do is to maximize the gas his or her little amount of money was able to afford. So how does one obtain better gas mileage?

Don’t consume it at all.

Combining all the little bills that are allotted for your gasoline consumption will not buy you a new car, but it may be enough to buy you another gallon of gasoline when you need it most. Opting to walk can be a healthier and cheaper way to do it.

Check your air filter.

Always make sure that your air filter is in good working condition. If you need to replace it, don’t put it off. Air filters are not that expensive and replacing them is easy. It is advisable is that you replace your old air filter at least once a year.

Check your oil’s quality.

Another important thing that must never be overlooked is the quality of your car’s oil. If your car’s oil is dirty, your car consumes much more gas since the engine can’t run more efficiently as it used to. Oil change is recommended every 3 to 5 thousand miles.

Check your tire pressure.

Driving on low-pressured tires consumes more gas since it is exerting more effort than a car that has well-pressured tires. Secure a tire gauge for your car maintenance needs. You should always check your tires at least once a week Also, check the tire alignments regularly because correctly aligned car tires will make the car run much smoother and faster.

Check your carburetor.

Your car’s carburetor should also be maintained well. It should also be tuned up well to ensure that you don’t let your car consume gas excessively. Vehicles today have fuel injection as a replacement for the carburetor. It is wise to use a fuel injection cleaner when filling up your tank because it is a lot more convenient to use.

Check your exhaust system.

Make sure that your exhaust system has no holes, leaks, or weak parts to ensure that you don’t lose power because of its bad condition.
Those are just a few of the things that one can easily do to help in conserving gas. Making use of these tips will help you get more miles out of that expensive gallon of gas and all of these things will also make your car safer and last longer for you and your family to use.

You see, it’s just a matter of discipline and sheer consciousness regarding your own gas consumption which can give you better gas mileage.

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