Devote Yourself To Delivery

Those of you who’ve been in the business for a while will be familiar with the 3 “C’s” of delivery: 

  • See the keys 
  • See the car… and 
  • See you later! 

This approach is fine if you and your dealership are only interested in a one-time sale, and no referral business. Because a customer who has just committed to 60 months or more in payments on a vehicle that averages over $40,000 expects you to be just as attentive during the delivery process, as you were during negotiations

I’ve seen too many salespeople shortcut the delivery process because they were upset the deal was a mini. Or so they could get to another “Up” that just walked on the lot. 

But statistics say that your odds for repeat and referral business are much greater with a satisfied customer than with a new customer you’ve never met. 

So don’t shortcut the delivery process. Take the time to show them that you care just as much about their ownership experience, as you did about their buying experience.

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