How to Get More Traffic To Your Website 

How to Get More Traffic To Your Website (With Stats)

Learn how to get traffic to your website using both free and paid traffic tactics that work in 2019. See real-life examples with supporting stats and drive more traffic to ...your website or blog.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve run countless online marketing experiments, which have accumulated into a nice list of case studies. Today, I share some of the best ways to get more traffic fast based on my own websites and blogs as well as in-house strategies we practice at Ahrefs.

Here’s what’s covered in the tutorial.

1. The Reverse Quora Technique
Quora is a popular question and answer forum. But posting on questions with a lot of views or upvotes is not a good method to get free traffic from this platform.

Instead, you can reverse engineer Quora’s organic keyword rankings in Google for a data-driven way to find topics that will get passive SEO traffic.

The result? Over 40,000 visitors and 15,000 leads from Quora alone to a brand new website.

2. The 17K Experiment
Facebook ads and Google ads are popular paid sources to get traffic to your website. But as they grow in popularity, they get more expensive.

But there are a lot of cheap advertising platforms out there simply because they’re not used as much. Meaning, less competition.

I tested ad platforms such as Pinterest, Taboola, Reddit, Outbrain, and Yahoo Gemini. Two of these platforms worked really well for me and one even produced a 3.5X ROI on every dollar spent.

3. Get a boost in organic traffic without creating new pages
This is one of the best ways to get free traffic to your website and all you need to do is update out-of-date content.

But there’s more to this strategy than picking a random blog post and rewriting it. This video outlines criteria to watch for to maximize your chances of getting more visitors to your blog.

We’ve been using this technique at Ahrefs and have seen near instant spikes in traffic to some of our pages.

4. The Content Multiplier
You might have heard of repurposing content. But does it actually work?

The video covers some slick hacks we use on Twitter to drive higher engagement for each tweet. We also share some of our blog and YouTube stats that shows the exponential growth we’ve had over the past 7 months.

5. Improve Click-through Rate on All Platforms
This one might seem obvious to you. But are you regularly practicing this?

Nearly all digital marketing platforms (Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) give you stats on click-through rates. Rather than blindly changing all of your titles, there are methods you can use to find pages that could use a boost in clicks.

Double your click-through rate and double your website.

6. Our Favorite Online Marketing Strategy - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This one may not be as fast as PPC traffic, but the huge advantage is that it’s free and drives passive and consistent traffic to your site.

This video shows you traffic stats to our blog, website, and the cumulative effect it has had on our traffic and revenue.


1:11 Reverse-engineer Quora questions to find topics that get passive SEO traffic
3:55 Tap into untapped paid advertising platforms
5:54 Get the traffic boost by updating your content
7:01 Repurpose your content to different media types
9:06 Improve click-through rate on all platforms
10:25 Invest in search engine optimization (SEO)

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